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CTR China Truck Open "official designated co-brand" Golden Flute, invited to debut season press conference
publish:2017-05-03 09:22:01views:3013

"China Truck Racing Championship (CTR)" is a world-class high-level truck event organized by the China Sports Association and the International Automobile Sports Federation (FIA) in China, with "Truck F1" Said. 2017 will be the 15th season of the China Truck Open, the influence and professional greatly improved, this year there will be nearly 10 teams, dozens of cars involved in the competition. Car sports competition is the driver's control skills, it is racing performance contest. As China's top, world-class truck race "China Truck Open", in different circuit conditions, rapid speeding, the performance requirements of the vehicle is extremely harsh, even if the difference between the parts and components will be thousands of miles away.

"Golden Flute" with excellent quality and strong strength, selected to become the tournament "official designated co-brand", is the only designated automotive electrical industry brand.
May 3, China Trucks Open 2017 season press conference held in Beijing International Automobile Museum grand, Jin Di as the official designated co-brand competition invited to the scene to share events. China Automobile Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Federation, the State Sports General Administration, FIA RV and truck event portfolio, the European Truck Competition Organizing Committee and other industry leaders, as well as the community nearly 100 guests come to help out, CCTV, Beijing TV and many other media Witnessed the China Truck Open once again sail.

At the conference site, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the China Truck Open signed a strategic cooperation agreement with our company (Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd.), marking the Jindian starter, the generators officially became the official designated supplies.

China Trucks Open 2017 season will be in June, respectively, in Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo to carry out fierce competition, when the golden flute will take you a taste of passion, wonderful not to be missed,