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3.15 series of reports of the flute teach you to identify speakers
publish:2017-03-15 09:12:15views:4893

"Let the fake like a street mouse, everyone shouting!" CPPCC members Zhu Zhengfu expressed their views.

March 7, Alibaba Chairman Ma in his Sina microblogging called on the two representatives, should be actively concerned about the issue of counterfeiting and selling.
    The attitude of the two parties is obvious. In recent years, the arts and crafts continued to fight for the force, through the establishment of a professional team of lawyers and fake organizations, severely punish the counterfeiters, implement the spirit of 3.15, and actively safeguard the interests of customers, and constantly enhance the crackdown efforts to seek a comprehensive and routine fake, Efforts to achieve fake infiltration, to implement the punishment of counterfeiting, maintaining the normal order of the market.
      Today, arts and crafts to bring you the commonly used DQL222 gold flute trumpet of several small couples to distinguish between true and false!

Based on one, counterfeit products are best at cutting corners in materials Genuine gold flute DQL222 paragraph weight is about 0.78KG, but the defective component can not meet this weight requirements. You just need to weigh in the hands weigh, weight is too light, it can be careful!

According to the second, pay attention to the authentic Golden Flute base LOGO logo is clearly visible, the golden flute logo below is the production date!

According to the three, the thickness of the base of the speaker is also the key, authentic gold flute speaker base in strict accordance with the production and design standards, the majority of counterfeit products lack this heavy feeling.

If more than a small coup is still unable to help you, you can call the ITARO service supervision telephone 400-6558226, we wholeheartedly answer questions for you.
Finally remind consumers, do not seek cheap, because the gas horn and brake with the same gas source, once the leakage is likely to affect the brake system! Fake speakers are likely to give you the driving time bombs!
Finally, I wish you all the way safe and comfortable!