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1. Independent R&D capability

Yida has a high-tech R&D team, and relies on the Hercynian Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences to cooperate with a strong doctoral R&D team to form a sound independent R&D system for motors.

Develop synchronously with the main engine factory to provide customers with the latest products in the industry in a timely manner.

2. CNAS Laboratory Certification

There are no more than 20 laboratories of the same grade in China.

This is the only joint-stock enterprise of commercial vehicles and electrical appliances.

More than 50 main instruments and equipment.

3. Autonomous Equipment Manufacturing

The automation level of motor assembly production line developed and put into use is higher than that of the same industry in China.

4. Intelligent and Fine Production

MES production management system: to achieve fine management, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, ensure timeliness and accuracy.

Robot standardization operation: high precision and high efficiency manipulator, greatly reducing the rate of product defect.

Cognex Visual Monitoring System: Prevent missing assembly, parts error, and improper assembly position.

WMS Warehousing Management System: Establish mould resume to track product quality; 3D warehousing management to ensure high shipment of correct products

Effectiveness is accurate.